Thank You Friends!


We are very proud of the music we produce at Rancho Bohemia and the kudos our work has garnered over the years. Following are a few unsolicited testimonials studio clients have graciously offered us.


"Working with you is magical."   - Stacy Kim


“Mark, first, let me say that it was a God-send that I even met you in the first place. Fate has its ways and I couldn't be more grateful! This album is really a dream come true and I couldn't have made it happen without you. You seemed to get exactly what I'm about and the way you crafted the record tells me that you understand what type of artist/songwriter I want to be. It's truly incredible to see this come to fruition. I'll keep coming back brother, 'cause you got it!”    - Greg White, Jr.


"There are no words to express our gratitude. Mark, you have exceeded our expectations."   - The Checketts Family


"I feel really lucky to be working with you. I don't know if you realize what a genius keyboard player you are -  the hook and rhythm you created is incredibly infectious. The song has been re-structured beautifully and the lyrics will easily be altered.  Thanks again for your endless enthusiasm and talent."   - Bill Reichert


"The brilliant piano player, and producer, and engineer, and creative contributor. Thank you my friend. Great work, as is always the case."   - Brian Darnell


"Mark, thank you for playing and working on this demo; you are a great guy and musician."   - Kisag Solis


"Thank you, for creating a musical canvas to catch my falling tears.
Thank you, for calling in the angels to give harmony to my pain.
Thank you, for beautifying my bereavement in healing song.
Thank you, for allowing me to take creative risks and playing it - ‘out of the box’.
Only you could have constructed “Offa’ that Ground” into a masterpiece.
For, it is so much more than a song.
It is philosophy… it is testimony... it is empowerment... & it is medicine!"  - Ethoas.


"When we came to Full Circle, which my wife Pam and I subsequently discovered was written by you and Diane Waters, we loved the song, and agreed it was beautifully done - both the piano playing and the singing, and how the song was put together as a whole.  Even without the accompaniment of other instruments, the song held its own...  It is very enjoyable to listen to, and can easily be listened to over and over again.  Well done!"   - Brian Frankel


"I could not be happier or more grateful for your fantastic work on this song.  I’m simply blown away.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you!"  - Peter Ferrara


“This is the extremely nice, talented, producer friend that I recommended to you.”   - Sandi Shaner


"Oh, thank you, Mark so very much!  I just kept playing the song over and over in the car going home!!!  I had so much fun... thank YOU for being there and making this so very special.”   - Deb DiMaggio

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Click for a gallery of photos